Project Updates: Book, Documentary & How We Spent Your Donations!

Book and Film Update:

In May 2022, Ben Ziehm Stephen and Oscar Scafidi kayaked, hiked and waded almost 700km from the source of the Matsiatra River, deep in Madagascar’s highlands, to the mouth of the Mangoky River, in the Mozambique Channel. Their one month independent expedition is currently being considered by Guinness World Records, and Oscar has just finished a first draft of the book of the expedition, which is currently being edited by English adventure travel author Alastair Humphreys. Publication date TBC. The documentary film of the journey is also currently being edited together. Again, publication date TBC, but the book and the film will probably be released at the same time, at some stage in late 2023 or early 2024.

How We Spent Your Money:

Kayak The Mangoky raised over USD4000 for two chosen charities, one of which was Our Kids, Our Future Madagascar. This charity engages local youth leaders to work with officials, traditional leaders, and school officials to identify local children who are not attending school. They hold a meeting with the parents – almost all female-headed households – to discuss how they can get the kids back into school. When the parents agree to support their children to attend school, Our Kids, Our Future Madagascar pays the school inscription fees and provides the children with the school supplies needed for school.

If you would like to see how some of your generous donations were spent, please check out this 13 minute video. It’s great to see Misivavy back in school in Anbasibe!