We are off to Madagascar!

Hello Everyone,

Ben and I have finally sorted out the website, and we are very excited to announce our upcoming kayaking expedition. We now have exactly 83 days before we jump on a plane and head to Madagascar to try and kayak the longest river on the island from source to sea. The expedition along the Mangoky river should take us about 30 days of hiking and kayaking.

Over the next three months we will be based here in Tunis, Tunisia. We have a lot of work to do to ensure that we are ready for the adventure. First on the to-do list is fetching our collapsible Klepper Kayak, which is currently in Paris. Once we have the kayak we will begin training on the Mediterranean, so prepare yourselves for a lot of kayak-related content on our social media channels! As you can imagine, the logistics for a trip like this are pretty complicated, so we’ll keep you updated on the process of getting permits, finding sponsors, gathering equipment, risk assessments and everything else here on the blog.

Thanks for following along!

Oscar & Ben