The Klepper has arrived!

Ben has just returned from a trip to the UK and France with a very important piece of expedition gear: our Klepper Aerius 545 Expedition folding kayak! We spent yesterday afternoon practising putting it together and breaking it down again, checking to make sure everything works OK. First effort took 55 minutes (struggling to follow the German-language instructions) but second effort took less than 19 minutes. If you want to see a time lapse video of us putting the boat together, click here.


  1. Dear Oscar and Ben,

    We are very glad that everything worked out eventually. What a journey to get our kayak to the destination.
    Seeing you two happily sitting inside the kayak, makes our whole team effort worth it.
    We would love to see more coming from your wonderful trip, and enjoying paddling…

    1. The Klepper is beautiful. We are going to take it out on the water either this weekend or early next week. We will be sure to update you on our training progress. Thanks for all your support with our expedition!

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